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"10 years, 100 years, 1000 years, B.A.P’s members and BABY’s are together forever.

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stanning bap is like the best package deal ever because not only are they talented and good looking but they have the biggest hearts and the sweetest smiles and are really just amazingly wonderful human beings.

Shit Taehyung pulled during War of Hormones MV

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Hello, BABYz ^^ I’m sure that you’re all aware (or not!) that B.A.P’s 1000th Day is coming up quite soon and that they have also been nominated as Korea’s Best Act for the EMAs ! So to help support B.A.P & spread awareness, I’ve decided to hold this little giveaway ~ 

The B.A.P Cheer Package that I’m giving away includes: 
- A B.A.P Official Matoki Lightstick Ver. 2 
- A B.A.P Official LOE2014 Whistle  
- A B.A.P Official Cheering Towel/Slogan  

Please do not delete this text and read the full rules under the cut before entering ! Thank you ^^ ~ 

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BAP’s Eras  ➔  Warrior Era

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Born hater.
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And this is why I’m proud to be a BTS fan

somebody’s lying~~

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