Rap Monster and Suga can really rap and their makeup doesn’t take away any of that.
— Tony Jones (via how-about-no-blockbaptan)

"There’s no such thing as eternal love. Nevertheless, I want to love you forever".
- “You can’t trust any men. Nevertheless, I want to trust you”.

“I never thought we’d end up together like this”.

happy yongguk in sokcho TvT

Daehyun having too much fun.


how to be lee seunghoon i mean that boy literally was an average yg fanboy like thousands of others but decided he would get into yg or die trying, he moved to seoul into a house near yg building, he went through a talent show, he got into yg, he went through win survival and look at him now in the newest yg boy group holding their first fucking trophy so proudly 

OLLTII FT. ZICO (of Block B) — PLAYED 14,168 TIMES

Lee Seunghoon cannot be tamed. 

WINNER’s first win - Mcountdown [08.21.14]

The king needs his crown !

Smile Again

I’m an empty shell, a coward without you.